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The Many Benefits of Ionic Foot Detox

By Marcia Renne, Registered Massage Practitioner

An ionic foot detox is a safe process used to assist the body in removing toxins through the large pores of the feet.  While detoxification through the feet is an ancient practice, this process utilizes a special machine which detoxifies the body at deeper levels than other methods.  The detoxification process has been scientifically evaluated through patients’ blood and urine samples following a session that detects heavy metals and other toxic elements.

Human DNA is comprised of ions and molecules which are either negative or positive.  The ionic machine uses an array, which is placed in the foot tub with warm water and a little salt to improve conductivity.  The array gives the hydrogen a positive charge, which attracts the negative charge and initiates the release of toxins through the feet into the water.  During this thirty-minute process, the water changes color, develops an accumulation of sediment, and may even emit the smell of heavy metals.  This is a normal occurrence of the detoxification process and may even give clues as to what areas of the body are reacting to the elimination process.  

Ionic foot baths have many benefits.  It can help improve circulation of blood and lymph, improve sleep quality, assist in the removal of heavy metals and other toxic elements, ease foot pain and swelling, improve immune function, as well as other benefits. 

There are certain cautions and contraindications to an ionic foot detox, especially with individuals who wear a pacemaker or other electrical implants, pregnant or nursing women, organ transplant recipients, and certain medications for example.  

This gentle process of detoxification should be considered by anyone looking to improve their health and well-being, as it is generally a safe and relaxing way to enhance the natural detoxification process of the body, which like all systems of the body, needs a gentle nudge to correct itself from time to time.