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Massage & Aromatherapy to Help Reach Your Goals

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? It’s a common question as we put the holidays behind us and focus on our hopes, goals, and aspirations for the year ahead. Not only is it a tradition of sorts, but New Year’s resolutions seem a natural response to the holiday’s indulgences, and what better time to start fresh than in the season of Winter, which symbolizes renewal.

No matter your goal, massage and aromatherapy can help you reach them. Whenever we embark upon a challenge, and New Year’s resolutions are often daunting, a support system is needed to ensure success. Massage Therapy can be excellent support, and your Massage Therapist an empathetic listener and source of information. If your resolution involves quitting smoking, for instance, or giving up sugar, massage can support this by helping the body to rid itself of toxins, lower blood pressure, and boost the energy. Or suppose your goal is to begin an exercise program. Naturally, sore muscles will be in your future! Massage therapy, with it’s kneading action and cross fiber friction on the muscles helps the body to process the excess lactic acid that makes our muscles sore following work-outs. In addition, many Massage Therapists may help suggest other stretches to prevent unnecessary soreness from improper technique. Massage Therapy, particularly when paired with natural essential plant oils, reduces our stress response, which is important to keep us in sight of our goals, and prevent set-backs. Essential oils alone can be used throughout the day to reinforce your goals. An oil whose scent relaxes, or energizes you, can help divert the mind from cravings. Lavender, jasmine, frankincense or sandalwood may be particularly helpful in this way. Essential oils diluted properly can be applied to the skin or used in the bath as well to ease muscle soreness following a workout. Like massage, essential oils can help our body to rid itself of toxins.

When the mind and body is relaxed and refreshed, our positive goals are realized with much more ease. When stressed, rundown, or depressed, we’re more likely to fall back into negative patterns.